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I have added Photoshoots images from 2014 & 2015 to the photogallery, go check them out.





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Accustomed to work since she was young, Eiza González has clear that perseverance and sacrifice are crucial ingredients for success, that’s what makes her be sure that what she is doing right now is the right thing, even though she has to be away from the ones she love.

“There are days I miss my home, my country, my mom, my lifestyle, my comfort zone, my culture. But at the end of the day, there is no success without sacrifice,” Eiza said in an interview.

It’s been a couple of years since the she took the brave decision to leave behind his life and career in Mexico to move to Los Angeles, CA and start from the bottom at the States.

“Here you have to be very humble, no one cares what you’ve done before. That’s cool for me, sometimes you have to let the ego aside, I thank God for my family and the guidance they gave me,” she said.

So far her work has been ‘way beyond’ expectations, she is involved in many major projects like From Dusk Till Dawn:The Series, by famous filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, Eiza plays the role of Santanico Pandemonium, a character who launched Salma Hayek’s career in 1996.

Eiza has surprised everyone with her performance, receiving good comments in different countries.

She been in the spotlight since she was young and has been attacked by bad comments about her, Eiza says that had periods of depression  as a teenager but now she has the maturity and experience to deal with the fame, but feels sorry for these people that try to put others down or criticize others.

Currently, Eiza is looking for new projects in the United States, few days ago announced her latest role of Jetta in “Jem and the Holograms”. A movie based on the comic which is actually destined to be a franchise.


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Eiza González (Santánico Pandemonium) discuss what’s coming up before the last episodes of the season 2 of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn:The Series’ with mstarz.com.

MStars: Santánico has a different relationship with Richie, than with Carlos, and even Lord Amancio Malvado. Tell me about that aspect.

Eiza González: In the second episode, she’s like leading. She’s calling the shots, the punches. It’s really badass! Richie is like, “Oh no, let’s not eat civilians.” Santánico is like, “No, we’re going to eat civilians. We’re going to bring civilians here.” It’s really cool that they make the characters clash. To be around men, who are super powerful in the show, and have women on the same level of power, I think as an actress, it is super fun to play.

MS: With Lord Malvado, Santánico seems to be obsessed with him as much as he is with her. And yet, Santánico manages to hold her own against him.

EG: The character goes through abuse. She goes through

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Eiza attended the screening of her new movie “Jem and the Holograms” presented by Universal Pictures last thursday. Click on link below for the pictures!


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Hi everyone,
Welcome back to EizaOnline.com!
Few weeks ago our fansite shut down, now we have found a new home at Flaunt Network, so now we are ready to keep you up with everything about Eiza Gonzalez. Make sure to add the site to your bookmarks and remember to come back soon!

Thank you to Flaunt.nu admins who helped in putting this site back together! And everyone who will help to spread the word that EizaOnline.com is back!

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